“Follow your dreams”.. *Conditions apply

Shefin Abdu
2 min readOct 11, 2020


This is my personal opinion. If any of you think this is wrong, thats your perspective and you are also right.

I have seen many successful people who followed their dreams and I respect them for their courage and the hardwork. But I don’t think the “Follow your dream” concept is practical for everyone. The major reason for that is the investments and sacrifices we have to make for it.

We all know, following the dreams is not that easy. We have to face many obstacles on the way. Preparing for that journey, the hard work we have to put, keeping up with the competitions, absorbing the positivity and ignoring the negativity and a lot more.If we look close into the society, we can see that not everyone is following their dreams. Sometimes we will wonder whether they have a dream. In my view, everyone has dreams. Everyone wants to follow that. Their comes a ‘BUT’. There are many reasons behind that BUT.

One of things that I understood by observing the people who went after their dreams is that, they were free to take up the risk, no one was expecting anything from them, not much pressures was on them. Only the risk of the journey was there(that is big thing btw). Or, If they had any kind of pressure or commitment which was an obstacle for their journey, they sacrificed it. Most of the people who live the ordinary life(including me) is a victim of the second point.

Most people won’t consider that as a bad thing.They will find that life okay. In my case, I also had some external pressures which lead me to divert the path of my life to a more easy and common way.I am not going to the details. I never felt bad for dropping all of that, but it would have been better if I could explore those paths, experience the difficulties and the happiness waiting at the end.

Maybe one day ..Life is not over yet…. Better late than never.