Shefin Abdu
2 min readMar 18, 2020


I love our culture and the way we are preserving it through generations. If we look deep, some good things will have a confusing face. Sometimes we don’t care about that or doesn’t know that.

The thing which I love and kept me away from my dreams is the ‘love towards my parents ’. I wanted to be in a creative profession(I know we can be creative in every profession), but my choice was specific. I wanted to be a chef. I used to watch many cooking shows like masterchef, bbq champs,etc…and I loved all the chefs around the world makes beautiful pieces of art on plate. I wanted to be like that.

When I told them that I want to join the food craft institute, they laughed. It’s not their fault. In their innocent mind, they don’t know that being a chef is a good profession.All they have seen is people working in local restaurants or cooking in different functions (They are also chefs). As siddique said in the movie ‘Ustad Hotel' , we dont want you to be a ‘veppukaran’(a local name for chefs).They only wanted good things in my life, and they are worried if I will make any bad decisions. They chose me another field of education. I accepted that with full heart. Now I am working in an another feild which doesn’t have any relation with my degree.

Some people will follow their heart, choose their own path and they will find happiness and satisfaction. I was not that person. I find this better. Seeing my parents happy, makes me happy too.But even today, I dream of being a chef.

Let’s see , there’s still time.