Shefin Abdu
2 min readApr 16, 2020


I got many chances to see diffrent places by being a part of our college motorsporting team. The best part was going outside Kerala for events. In my second year, we went to participate in an event hosted at Buddh international Circuit, Noida, UP.

There will be many difficulties till the event ends. After the event time everyday, we get to explore the place. This blog is not about that.

After the above mentioned event we had to travel from Noida to Nizamuddin railway station with our gokart. Delhi has a rule that heavy vehicles are not allowed inside City between 5 to 7pm. So we had to wait at a small tea shop outside the city . There was another team with us from Tamil Nadu. They didn’t understand Hindi, so we asked them to come with us.We were talking in Tamil,Malayalam and English While having a tea. I noticed an old guy was watching us talk. He could hear us talking in a language other than Hindi. He was wearing a white kurta and sitting on a wooden bench. After some time he came to us and asked “where are you people from??”. “We are from Kerala and these people are from Tamilnadu” we replied. Then he said “oh, the southern states”(what he actually said “oh, wo neeche wale state”). And we said yes. Then he asked another confusing question “its near to the ocean, right?”. We said “yes.. why did you ask that question??”. He replied with an innocent face“ I have never seen ocean”.

I was surprised by that answer. He was nearly 65–70 years old and in his life he has never seen ocean.I told him “ if you go to Gujrat, you can see ocean there” . Then he replied “ I have never gone outside Delhi, our life is here”.

I was confused about how a person can live like that, the things and experiences he missed in his life.There are many beautiful things , sad things, adventures that we can experience. He maybe happy with his present life, but the changes happened in my life and my perspective after these trips are very big. And I wished he could experience the magic this world can offer.

The decision to explore the places I haven’t seen is one of the good decisions that I made.